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The newsletters and questions are posted on the website at the beginning of every month. They can be printed and read at leisure over the next month. There will be 10 electronic newsletters in total (commencing 1 March – December 2019) each worth 3 CPD points and therefore a total of 30 CPD points for the year. 6 points for Ethics, Human Rights and Medical Law will be included.


What is the pass mark?

The minimum requirement is a result of 70% to receive 3 CPD points per newsletter.


What if I do not get 70%?

You may submit your answers 3 times only to acquire the required minimum. No points will be allocated thereafter. If you do not achieve 70% after 3 tries contact the GIO to reset and allow 3 more tries. During the year this will change to 2 tries (ref HPCSA).


How long will I have to complete the newsletters and submit my answer sheets?

Newsletters and questions will stay on the web for the year .Submitting the answers on a monthly basis will keep you up to date. The last day for submissions for the year is 3 January 2020 – there will be no extension.


What is the Quality Assurance Survey request?

We request that you assess the monthly newsletters annually and highlight areas of interest that are not adequately covered.


Who will keep record of my CPD status?

Your answer submissions will be logged on our website and your CPD points entered on our database. An accurate record of your monthly points will be kept by the GIO.


CPD Certificates

On completion of the 10 newsletters, you can generate your certificate from the GIO website stating your total number of points with your relevant details required by the HPCSA.  

Records of your CPD status will be kept by the GIO for the next 3 years as required by HPCSA.


Certificate Vault

You can store all your CPD Certificates (even from other providers) in GIO’s Vault. Simply upload your files once you have logged in.


What do I need if I am audited by the HPCSA?

Should you be audited at any point in time, you will need to submit copies of your CPD certificates/activities to the HPCSA. 

1. Download your certificates from your profile.(Located under Vault(pre-2018) & under CPD certificates(2018-2020)

2. Complete the CPD 1AR formCPD 1AR form 

3. Email the above to

It is advisable to register on the HPCSA's practitioner portal as you will receive notifications in regard to your audit on here.

Click here to create a profile.


How do I update my details?

Should you wish to update your details, simply log in, select “Profile” and make and save the changes.