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Ethics are defined as “moral principles”. Within the health care field there are standards which must be met and maintained with regard to ethics. We highlight various ethical aspects and offer easy access to more detailed documentation. The Hippocratic Oath is the oath to the medical profession that all practitioners swear to.

Ethical rules of ConductView document
Guidelines on Ethical rules 
Ethical rules, regulations and policy guidelines
Booklet 1: Guidelines good practiceView document
Booklet 2: Generic Ethical Rules with annexure 1 - 11. Annexure 12View document
Booklet 3: Patients' Rights CharterView document
Booklet 4: Informed ConsentView document
Booklet 5: Confidentiality Protecting and Providing InformationView document
Booklet 6: Gen Ethical Guidelines for management of Patients with HIVView document
Booklet 7: Guidelines withholding and withdrawing treatmentView document
Booklet 8: Reproductive HealthView document
Booklet 9: Keeping of Patients RecordsView document
Booklet 10: TelemedicineView document
Booklet 11: Guidelines on over servicing perverse incentives and related mattersView document
Booklet 12: Guidelines for the management of health care wasteView document
Booklet 13: Gen Ethical Guidelines for Health ResearchersView document
Booklet 14: Biotechnology Research in SAView document
Booklet 15: Research Development and use of Chemical and Biological WeaponsView document
Business PracticeView document